men-only drug rehab environment
Opioids act on the opioid receptors in our bodies, creating an effect similar to that of morphine. Opioids are a very addictive type of drug, and there are wide range of substances grouped into this category including heroin, fentanyl and OxyContin. In 2016, more than 2,800 Canadians died of opioid-related overdoses. The numbers average out to 8 deaths per day across the country, with the epidemic affecting every province. For those opioid addicts who are
Things to avoid during recovery
Anyone who has made it to the recovery stage of a drug or alcohol addiction has a lot to be proud of. Having recognized their dependency and taken the time and dedication to become clean, the last thing anyone wants is for that person to experience a relapse. During recovery, it is important that an individual has a strong support system, as well as the ability to recognize triggers and temptations. Something as simple as
Recovering Addicts
When a friend or loved one struggles with addiction, it is common that the heavy weight of those troubles will affect the people around them as well. This is especially true for family members and close friends who have watched an individual fall deeper and deeper into addiction for so long. Even though addiction surely hurts an addict the most, it is untrue to say that others don’t feel those affects as well. It can
Alcohol and Drugs
Being a teenager can be a tough job; there are a lot of changes taking place physically and emotionally, and there are a lot of outside pressures to deal with. For parents, encouraging open lines of communication early on is a great way to show kids that they can come to their parents about any of their concerns of questions. When it comes to alcohol and drugs, many children are being exposed very early in
Addiction Recovery Vancouver
Not everyone is going to understand or support an addict’s goal to quit their bad habit; in fact, some people might try to harm an individual’s chances of getting better. Someone who is in recovery from an addiction will be warned to avoid specific places and things, but sometimes it can be hard to avoid certain people. Keep in mind that not every personality type is going to be good for your recovery, regardless of