emotional healing
Many people often ignore the importance of emotional healing. While you may focus on recovering physically, it still doesn’t ensure a successful recovery. Your body and mind must be in sync to fully overcome substance abuse. In fact, you’re likely to fall back into an addiction if you’re struggling with emotional trauma. You see, the emotional stress that comes with addiction can cause you to relapse. The effects can be so severe that it may
Having a sponsor is critical to your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. The level of support they can offer is why you must know how to choose a sponsor for addiction treatment. With the new year just starting, it is important to plan ahead. A plan of action increases your chances of achieving sobriety and staying sober. There is no pressure, but the longer you take to stop your addiction habits, the worse they
The journey to sobriety is never an easy one; that’s why you should celebrate milestones at the end of the year. It’s the end of the year, a new one is just starting and you’ve worked hard during the last year to beat your addiction. You’ve experienced highs and lows; you’ve had to dig deep to get yourself back up. Congratulations on making it through the year. You most probably will not have made it
Relapse is a condition you don’t want to fall into while you are recovering. However, even we though we don’t want it, this situation occurs frequently, especially during winter. Hence, the need for home exercises to get you through winter. Nobody wants to undergo a relapse. However, there’s something about the winter season that makes it extra challenging for those in addiction recovery. The conditions of the season and other peculiarities make it so.  For
The doubleheader holiday is drawing near, and maybe you can’t help but feel depressed. Everyone is excited, but you don’t know how to overcome the holiday blues. Although “winter blues” isn’t a clinically recognized disorder, the holiday period has many potential depression triggers. There’s an insane array of activities — shopping, family dinners, cooking, travelling, and so many more. Due to reasons like financial constraints and loneliness, even with all of the activities, you may