Best Way to Quit Smoking: Effective Methods that May Work Best for You

Way to Quit Smoking

As of today, more than six million Canadians smoke – 22.3% are males and 17.5% are females. While many of these people are heavy smokers, it is alarming to note that a large percentage of smokers fall under the teen category or youngsters with ages fifteen to nineteen years old. So, in what category do you belong?

Whether you are a young or an adult smoker, it is important to take note of the bad effects of smoking to the body. Generally, smoking is a form of habit which is commonly associated with different kinds of health problems especially cancer. These diseases are a way too dreadful to deal with so it is a good idea to quit smoking as early as possible.

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Do you find it hard to quit smoking? Worry no more. Here, you will be learning some of the best ways to quit smoking and for sure, you may find any of them truly effective at your end.

The Cold Turkey Method

This simply entails making up your mind to quit smoking and do it as soon as you have thought about it. With this method, you ought to have a good ounce of discipline, willpower and commitment. Frankly, this is by far the simplest method every smoker can try when he decides to stop lighting up a cigarette. This method is safe as you will not have to take pills just to keep you going. Discipline yourself over time and before you knew it, your life is already smoke-free.

The Use of Relaxation Audios

When someone quits, he is more likely to become stressed. To be able to counter stress, it is important to fight off your nicotine cravings. This can be achieved by listening to relaxing audios. This simply works much better when combined with other methods.

The Use of Hypnosis

This is a method wherein you are putting yourself in a trance while your subconscious mind receives and assesses suggestions. Logically, hypnosis tends to reconfigure the way on how you perceive and feel about smoking. It eradicates the good attributes of smoking such as the pleasurable sensation you get from it.

While hypnosis has made wonders to countless smokers from around the world, you need to keep in mind that this may not be a good method for everyone. Nevertheless, you can have all the freedom to try it so that you may know if this one works for you.

The Chinese Acupuncture Technique

This is a Chinese traditional method wherein needles are used to stimulate the body’s energy points. If this is done correctly, your body will experience an extreme feeling of relaxation, reducing and eradicating your cravings in the process.

The Use of Herbal Treatments

With herbal treatments, a smoker usually feels the relaxing sensation he needs during his stressful quitting. Since herbs are natural and organic, they are safe to use. However, you need to consult your doctor first before trying any of the herbal treatments on the market today.

Choose the method you want and do it with the aid of some social support today. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.

How to Mend Broken Relationships Because of Drug Use and Addiction?


Relationships are important in our lives. We need others and others need us as well. But during the time that you were suffering from drug addiction, you may have severed some ties with your loved one.

As much as you think that the damage is too big for the relationship to be mended, don’t lose hope. There are still ways that you can repair the relationships that have been broken because of drug use and addiction.

Our relationships may be the difference between joy and misery.  Our relationships have the capacity to bring us great pleasure. But in addition, they possess the capability to bring us great despair, too.  

During our lifetime, we’ll nurture many relationships. How we take care of those relationships will determine their effects on us. If you neglect your loved ones, you may find that they will have negative feelings toward you such as anger or hurt. You can still do something about that.

How Addiction Ruins Relationships?

When substance addiction creeps into your life and the lives of your loved ones, relationships begin to dissipate and it has to be fixed before it’s too late.  Drug addiction ruins relationships. The individual with addiction problems begins to concentrate on acquiring drugs and keeping up the drug addiction than anything else.

The individual may most likely use money that is required for important bills and expenses to support his or her drug addiction, resulting in financial strain.  A person who is a drug abuser will even resort to secrecy as well as deception towards their family members or friends that may make the relationship become cold and trigger uncertainty.

Moreover, the individual abusing drugs may begin developing anger issues which may result in violence and aggression, this may victimize the important people around them. Substances such as cocaine, alcohol, crystal meth, as well as steroids can amplify what is already an existing anger control problem.  

The individual may also get frustrated of himself or herself due to these precipitating factors connected with attempting to give up the drug usage. This then can cause more anger, despair, and very low self-worth.  

What’s more, family and friends can become violent and aggressive to the individual as well.  The situation could turn into an infinite, downward spiral. Relationships may reach the point where it is irreparable.  All of these are the ways on how drug dependence affects relationships.

But with each these unwanted effects, there’s hope in fixing your relationship that you have with your sister, brother, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, and much more.  Here are some helpful suggestions on fixing relationships and assist in understanding how drug dependence affects the important relationships in our lives.

Stopping Bad Habits

This really is a long but important process so stopping the bad habits will not happen overnight.  But to deal with such habits, the individual with addiction problems and his or her loved ones ought to consider getting into counselling therapy.  

There are numerous choices for drug use disorder treatments, such as individual therapy and counselling, group counselling, family therapy, as well as marriage counselling.  Additionally, based on the degree of this drug use disorder, the patients may pick from a particular inpatient rehabilitation program or maybe choose an intensive outpatient treatment program so as to combat the dependence and also to get holistic care.

Admitting You Have a Problem

The first step toward healing is acknowledging that there’s a problem with the relationship and a major contributor is the drug use. This has to be carried out to be able to move ahead in relationship and recovery from addiction.  To be able to proceed, you have to create certain strategies to manage these problems better.

Reinvesting Time and Energy to Relationships

You must spend valuable and quality time together with your family and good friends so as to take care, nurture and reconstruct the relationships. Possessing clear and honest communication with another is essential for the successful healing of your ties.

Attending Therapies

When all parties receive the expert assistance required to learn, comprehend, and also the way to cope together, you may obtain the tools required to construct a stronger and healthier relationship by taking the steps to learn how to establish healthy boundaries.

Family Counseling

It is just like an individual as well as group counselling.  But it is more valuable because you can communicate and see one another’s ideas and feelings. A counsellor will be there to help you and your loved ones through this scenario.

To keep a successful and healthy relationship, it requires work even when drug use is not a problem.  Drug use disorder makes it more difficult to keep a relationship that is wholesome and healthy. But if the two parties involved go through it by working and adhering to the actions listed previously, then they will slowly overcome these conflicts with time and proceed to a much hopeful and better future together.

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How About Irreparable Relationships?

Here’s what goes on on the flip side, there are instances where substance addiction ruins relationships where parties reach the point of no return. These relationships have broken down that the anger, distrust, and bitterness has pushed everyone against the wall.

This might be attributed to enduring huge monetary loss once the person with drug use problems stole or misused funds. It might also be from moving through major domestic violence problems with the drug user.  In any situation, some of those relationships may already be irreparable. Crucial steps should be made so to proceed in this circumstance.

If you’re experiencing domestic violence, you need to make a security plan to make certain you won’t be the victim.   It is possible to get in touch with the national hotline or you may also contact the regional police station, as an example.  You may secure a protection order. Other programs also consist of searching for continual support at the same time, going through as well as following the separation.

What You Can Do to Mend Broken Relationships?

When you decide to get rid of the bad habits like drug or alcohol use, you may think that the only step you need to do would be to get yourself to a rehab centre so you can get sober. While this is an important step, this isn’t the only one that you’ll have to take during the process of your recovery.

While going to an addiction treatment centre is the first step to your healing, there is still a great deal of work that has to be achieved, a lifetime to reconstruct, a future you have to recreate, as well as relationships that need mending.

Within the span of someone’s time spent with alcohol and drugs, it is pretty probable they may have burnt some bridges including generating some fairly significant issues with the family and friends. It’s never too late to rebuild these important connections. Here are a number of steps that you can do to start the process of healing.

Give your time to the lives of people that you love.  

A recovering individual is somebody who likely brought a lot of hardships to the lives of their family or friends.  In fixing these relationships, you can start by giving your time, effort and love to show them that you are willing to work on what has been broken because of your addiction.

Listen more and speak less.  

Relatives and loved ones of individuals who are recovering addicts probably spent a great deal of time just observing rather than talking, watching in distress as their family member ruined her or his life.  During addiction recovery, allow the household to say everything and anything they will need to say. What you’ll hear may be painful to listen to in the beginning, but it ought to be mentioned, it ought to be expressed and heard.

Give it time.  

Your recovery does not happen overnight. It also doesn’t automatically fix the broken relationships.  There are too many individuals who recovering addicts come from therapy, anticipating their families will return to how things were during that time before the drug dependence came in and ruined their lives.  It normally requires a longer period than that. Give it this time, and allow the steps for healing to take its normal path.

This may not be a comprehensive collection of each the techniques and strategies that a household could use to fix the broken relationships. There’s far more than you can perform in this area, and as each situation will differ, the aforementioned bits of information may always be substituted to match anybody’s unique circumstance.

What Your Family and Friends can Do to Mend Relationships

Our relationships require both parties to give some effort for it to work. There’s absolutely not any one-way solution for this. As soon as we have our relative or loved one who has been able to manage and overcome their alcohol or drug addiction, the focus now needs to be on fixing that relationship with them and also on doing anything we will have to do in order to mend and also rebuild that important relationship.  

If you have a loved one who’s recovering from drug addiction, here are a number of ways that you can start repairing your relationship with them.

Be there and be supportive.  

That is the most significant thing that the family may do is be present and be supportive. A person who is a recovering addict may still require assistance and may still need a lot of help in their own recovery journey. However, they aren’t very likely to request it by themselves.  

This is since they probably feel guilty.  But by being there for your loved one, and supplying your energy and time, even after all of the hardships caused by the drug dependence, is the very best thing you could do in order to fix this relationship.

Do not be judgemental.

Of course, you have your opinion about their previous struggle with drug addiction but it’s best to keep it to yourself for now. There will be a time when that can be expressed properly in the right situation.

What you can do is to not be judgemental and help them with the little tasks such as establishing a daily routine, doing chores, working out, finding work, staying sober, and others. But do this without giving them too much of an easy time. They have to be able to put in the effort on their own, too.

Also, try not to tolerate any bad habits. Always encourage them to try out other activities so that they can keep their mind away from going back to alcohol or drug use. Be sure that you communicate clearly what you can and cannot do for them.

Establish clear boundaries.  

During the time that an individual is in healing from addiction, it is important to encourage them but remember to not enable them.  An important part of addiction recovery is all about regaining oneself as a person who is a self-respecting and responsible adult. We need to be certain that you fix the connection, but we do not wish to be the only ones doing all the work to make it happen.  

The recovering individual needs bounds to be set by other people until such time that they can understand how to establish and stick by healthy borders themselves.  Every family, group, or household should have rules for the individual who is a recovering addict and they must stick by those principles.

Involve the family in continuing support and care.  

The one most important factor for any addict in recovery to consider is they keep on working independently when they get out of rehabilitation and they make a good attempt to keep sobriety through self-care.  

As for aftercare, continuing education and life skills classes, volunteer work, whatever helps the individual grow and be better is what will finally result in an effective and relapse-free life. The steps mentioned above are just some of the methods to nurture an environment in which the relationships may be repaired more successfully.

These are what the relatives and loved ones of the recovering addicts may perform on their role to fix the relationship as well as to bring back the family together again.  Keep in mind that there are surely numerous variants of these tips, all of which are totally customizable to match with every family’s unique situation.

What’s important to keep in mind is that everybody in the household must do their very best to be able to heal and get better.  This must happen so they can fix their valuable relationships with one another so that the household unit may function well once more.

Rebuilding the Present for a Good Future

Recovering from addiction to alcohol and drugs is a group effort. The secret is that the more that the loved ones, relatives, and friends are involved, the better off they’ll be.  This is not to say that it’s not possible to overcome drug addiction on one’s own. But it’s to say that when getting rid of alcohol and drugs and staying sober, it is a lot simpler when a person can receive a lot of help and support in doing this.

Whatever the hardship that’s been afflicted to us by the people who we love and care about, and regardless of the harm we ourselves also have contributed, fixing relationships is possible so long as it’s what all the parties want to accomplish.  

It’s not an overnight process; it might take some time. But it will be time well spent.  Try not to hurry it. Let it run its own course. It’s well worth it in the long term. Life has much more to provide to us. We ought to cherish our family and friends and nurture excellent relationships with them. Contact Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver today!


Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Are You an Alcoholic? Know All the Potential Effects of Alcohol Addiction

Effects of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is known as the most abused drug in many different parts of the world specifically in Canada. While many people today have already refrained from drinking more than in the past, alcoholism still continues to pose a serious issue for the society. A lot of Canadians go into binge drinking and underage drinking is one serious problem of the country these days.

Alcohol Addiction and its Potential Effects

When one drinks more than what is normal then this is something that denotes abuse. And when a person can no longer function normally without alcohol running in his system this is already called alcoholism or addiction. But what are the effects of alcohol addiction?

When a person is addicted to alcohol rest assured that there is a wide-ranging effect that revolves around his life. Some of these potential effects include the following:

  • Physical Effects. Liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, insulin resistance, nutritional deficiencies, alcoholic dementia, heart disease and death.
  • Social Effects. Marital conflicts, breakups, divorce and social alienation due to unlikely and unacceptable behavior.
  • Economic Effects. Termination from job and the financial difficulties that follow.

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Family of the Addict is also Involved

While an alcoholic usually encounters problems, it is more likely that his family is involved as well. It is the family of the addict that receives the immediate consequences that usually ranges from neglect, to domestic violence to children and spouse.

The Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

When a person is looking forward to quitting drinking alcohol and stop his alcoholism for good, this should not be done in an abrupt manner. An abrupt discontinuance of drinking alcohol can cause severe symptoms that usually include convulsions, seizures, shaking and hallucinations. In extreme cases, symptoms can be something complicated and even fatal. Due to the seriousness of the symptoms involved, alcohol withdrawal symptoms (AWS) must be controlled by a well-supervised detox program.

Natltrexone and Antabuse are two types of medications which are commonly given to alcoholics. The former tends to decrease a person’s physical cravings to alcohol and the latter creates an adverse reaction when alcohol is induced to the body. On the other hand, a long-term use of Vitamin B12 and folate is highly recommended to alcoholics as this helps them overcome the damaging effects of alcohol on the liver.

Life training and social support offer addicts the kind of support they need. They are indispensable components of an effective and reliable treatment for alcohol addiction whether you are from another country or an alcoholic living in Canada

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Canada War on Drug Addiction: Overcoming Drug Addiction the Effective Way

Canada War on Drug Addiction

When you are struggling with drug addiction, attaining sobriety may seem to be hard and impossible. But your way to recovery is possible no matter how difficult and hopeless your situation is. Keep in mind that change is always possible as long as you come up with the right treatment and of course, the kind of support that you get from people around you. Along with these, determining and addressing the root-cause of your addiction needs to be considered as well. Do not give up. Continue with your aim to recover even if you have failed in your initial attempts.

Take note that your road to recovery is not a rocket science. As you pave the way to recovery, you will have to encounter pitfalls, bumps, obstacles, setbacks and hindrances. But if you examine your problem and think about change, you are practically ready to go.

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Canada War on Drug Addiction: Deciding for a Change

In Canada, many people are struggling with drug addiction and not too many of them are aware of the tough parts of their recovery. The toughest part though is when someone has to decide for a change. Uncertainty is something normal especially in making a decision for a change. It is alright if you are torn. In fact, committing oneself to sobriety involves making changes on things such as the following:

  • How you perceive yourself
  • What you usually do during your free time
  • The person whom you allow to enter your life
  • How you deal with life’s stress

Thinking About Change

If you are on your way to make significant changes on your way towards drug recovery, it is important to consider the following:

  • Be aware of your drug use. This includes the time when you use it and how much drug you use in a given time. This is something that provides you a much better sense on how addiction plays in your life.
  • List all the advantages and disadvantages of quitting. You should also include how much you will have to spend if you continue using and how much benefit you will have to get if you quit.
  • Consider all things that really matter to you including your partner, kids, pets, career, health, etc. How is your addiction affecting these entities?
  • Find a trusted person and ask him about his feelings toward your drug addiction.
  • Ask yourself if there is something that prevents you from making changes. Determine the ways on how you can help realizing changes.

Addiction Recovery: the 5 Key Steps

There are certain things that need to be considered as far as war on drugs is considered. Here are the five key steps that will lead you to an effective and successful recovery:

  • Always be reminded of the reasons of your changes.
  • Think of your previous attempts to recover – things that work and things that didn’t.
  • Set specific and measurable goals including date and limitations on your drug use.
  • Avoid all things that remind you of drugs.
  • Let everyone around you learn about your way to recovery.

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Canada Drugs: What are the Most Common Types of Illegal Drugs Used in Canada?

Most Common Types of Illegal Drugs

A lot of people think that the word ‘drug’ suggests illegal or illicit activities. These people are not aware that tobacco and alcohol are the most common types of drugs which are widely used by many young people not only in Canada but in many different parts of the world as well. But as far as popularity is concerned, the cannabis or marijuana happens to be the most widely-used kind of drug in the country today.

The Canadian government exerts much effort in addressing the use of illegal drugs and this include the creation and implementation of the National Anti-Drug Strategy which was launched in 2007. The strategy entails collaboration among the different departments of the government and stakeholder groups of the Canadian communities. The collaboration involves three action plans namely:

  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Law Enforcement

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To avoid offenses, it is important to have knowledge and understanding about the most common types of illegal drugs that are found and used in Canada today.


Generally, alcohol in beverages refers to ethanol or grain alcohol. When consumed, alcohol renders a depressing effect, decreasing the responses of a person’s central nervous system. When someone drinks alcohol real hard and has been doing it for a long time, he is then classified as an alcoholic. An alcoholic person continues to consume alcohol despite the negative social consequences and health problems taking place in his life.


Cannabis or marijuana is a flowering plant which is believed to have originated from the mountainous regions of the northern Himalayas. Otherwise known as weed, hemp or pot, cannabis is commonly used for smoking purposes. As a drug, cannabis usually comes in the form of resin or hashish, dried flowers or marijuana and various extracts or hash oil.

Smoking marijuana dates back to 3rd millennium BC but in the modern era, cannabis has become a drug that is used for recreational, medicinal and spiritual purposes. All over the world, about 162 million people make use of cannabis every year and 22.5 million people every day. In the early part of the 20th century the possession, sale and use of this psychoactive drug (cannabis products) was prohibited in almost all parts of the world.


Cocaine is a crystalline drug which is obtained from the coca plant leaves. When induced, it acts as a strong stimulant for the nervous system. It is also an appetite suppressant, creating a rush of euphoria, increased happiness and heightened energy levels.


Heroin is a semi-synthetic drug that is derived from morphine, a derivative of opium poppy. It is commonly used as pain killer and a recreational drug that’s highly potential for abuse and addiction.


This is a psychoactive drug which is classified as a stimulant, psychedelic, hallucinogen and empatjhogen-entactogen. It is a criminalized type of drug in most countries under the United Nations agreement.


This drug is used as a stimulant for the nervous system and an appetite suppressant. It is one of the fastest and most serious drug concerns among teens in Canada today. Crystal meth is popular because it can be made from chemicals that can be obtained legally. Call Inspire Change Drug Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.