Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Is There a Way to Change?

Alcohol abuse is one of the most pressing problems in Canada thus, more efforts on alcohol addiction treatment come from both the government and private institutions. Although drinking is an accepted social activity, there is a huge difference between normal alcohol consumption and substance abuse. Alcohol metabolism works differently on different people, therefore, keeping an eye on the symptoms of alcohol addiction is necessary. Nowadays, more and more Canadians are suffering from alcohol abuse regardless of age and social brackets.

Facts about Alcohol Abuse Today

The normal alcohol consumption, according to experts, is not more than 14 units every week, making sure that consumption is throughout the week. Consuming all 14 units in a single day is not how it works. Alcohol addiction treatment is avoidable if Canadians follow this recommendation and limit themselves to the quantity and consumption. However, exceeding 14 units a week, and worse, consuming more quantity at once puts you at serious risk of alcohol abuse.

Professional Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Submitting to treatment is the first step to getting help from professionals in the field of alcohol rehabilitation. Moreover, alcohol addiction treatment is a lifelong process especially with people who are struggling with the problem for quite a long time. It requires inner resolve, commitment, and consistent monitoring.

There are trained professionals such as addiction counselors and therapists that help patients slowly but surely cope up with alcohol dependence and abuse. Alcohol addiction treatment must be steady and slow in order to help patients develop mental strength and fortitude to resist any temptation to relapse.

Self-Medication and Treatment Does Not Work

There are attempts to deal with the substance abuse problem on your own and while there are rare cases of success, professional assistance truly makes a world of difference. Moreover, doing the treatment without any professional help could have mixed results and it may not always be pleasant. Alcohol addiction treatment helps you prevent further strain on your personal, professional, financial, and social life. Emerge from addiction to alcohol with a strong mindset to take control of your life with the help of a good rehab facility and program.

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Signs of Alcohol Addiction

It is quite difficult to pinpoint when regular alcohol consumption ends and alcohol abuse starts. For instance, the sign of alcohol abuse shows in inappropriate drinking specifically affecting your notion of when and where to drink. Addicts have an uncontrollable urge to drink, reckless behaviour, and sudden spurts of temper.

What happens in a treatment program?

Finding the best rehab facility for alcohol addiction treatment helps you start your journey to recovery and restoring your normal, healthy, and happy life. There are numerous rehab facilities offering personalized treatment programs in Canada. Different individuals have varying levels of addiction and response to treatment, therefore, there is no one absolute program for everyone. Alcohol abuse is one of the most difficult to avoid since drinking is a social activity and usually present anywhere and in any occasion.

The approach to alcohol addiction treatment depends on the individual and the initial results of his diagnosis or evaluation. The usual program includes a thorough and carefully monitored alcohol detoxification phase. There are individual and group therapies available, providing care and support for patients. Other activities for therapy include music and art therapy, self-portrait photography, and physical fitness such as nutritional advice and Pilates. Mental issues and health take precedence thus there are activities such as meditation and yoga.

Dealing with alcohol abuse is a long and difficult process that requires immediate professional help. Get proper and comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment from  Inspire Change Drug Rehab in Vancouver today!

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin Addiction Treatment: What You’ll Know about Rehab Will Shock You

Heroin addiction treatment is a necessity especially in today’s society when the danger of substance abuse is destroying countries from within. Canada faces one of the most pressing problems in the world with the proliferation of illegal drugs particularly the spread of heroin. The Canadian government takes measures in countering the widespread problem of substance abuse through rehabilitation programs whether government-funded or private institutions.

The Truth about Heroin Addiction

Due to the highly addictive effects of heroin, this substance is considered one of the most dangerous drugs in Canada. Heroin is consumable through inhalation or injection but the most common means of consumption is through injection. Millions of individuals around the world are suffering from heroin addiction and most Canadians are not at all spared. Heroin addiction can go on for months and the tolerance to this drug is what makes it more hazardous and life-threatening.

Heroin results in a rush of euphoria since the substance is quickly transported to the brain. Heroin addicts feel the need for a much higher dosage which results in getting hooked to the drug and in worse scenarios, heroin overdose, and death.

Is heroin addiction treatment necessary?

Professional treatment for heroin addiction is a necessity especially if the patient is too far gone in his substance abuse problem. The first step to getting treatment is admitting that you are actually grappling with the problem and this is quite difficult to achieve. Moreover, seeking out professional help is equally hard for most people. Substance addicts often attempt self-medication or treatment but heroin addiction is something that you cannot successfully handle and solve on your own.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Dangers

One of the reasons why you need professional heroin addiction treatment is the withdrawal period which is quite dangerous if not properly addressed. Professional supervision is essential when handling the symptoms of withdrawal. You may end up going back to your addiction in no time without professional assistance and the proper steps to dealing with withdrawal from the substance. Wrong withdrawal from heroin could have serious and lasting repercussions to your health and overall well-being. There are withdrawal symptoms that are unbearable, causing patients to relapse and eventually suffer a fatal overdose.

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How Heroin Addiction Treatment Works

Different rehabilitation facilities have their way of providing heroin addiction treatment, depending on the individual needs of the patient. The kind of treatment you will receive will also depend on the results of your initial diagnosis or assessment with a professional. Treatment may vary from 30, 60, and 90 days, focusing on various aspects including physical, social, spiritual, and psychological healing. Programs aim to provide effective and consistent recovery for the patient over the long term. Patients increase their mental strength and endurance to cope with life once they got out of the rehab centre, free from any assistance.

Here are some of the approaches in a comprehensive heroin addiction treatment program:

  • Individual Counseling. Patients have one-on-one counseling and sharing with a professional therapist in order to have a full understanding of the underlying factors leading to substance abuse.
  • Detox Supervision. Licensed and trained professionals handle the detoxification and withdrawal phase of the patient, including careful monitoring of his condition 24/7.
  • Group Counseling. Patients meet other people who are suffering from the same heroin addiction to share and get or provide support.
  • Relapse Prevention. There are workshops and sessions that aim to ensure the individual does not fall back into substance addiction.

Heroin addiction treatment is a lifelong process that requires professional help. The first step to getting the help you need starts with finding the best rehab facility in Vancouver. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Treatment: Face to Face with the Biggest Problem in Canada

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine is a notorious drug that is popular in Canada and different parts of the world. Cocaine addiction treatment tops the chart for rehabilitation services in the country. Even with its present reputation, cocaine is not always harmful especially a few decades ago. The narcotic is a stimulant that makes individuals euphoric, energetic, and alert. With proper consumption and supervision, this drug can help boost the energy level of patients. However, with substance abuse, cocaine has various negative effects, making it an illegal drug in Canada today.

Cocaine Addiction up Close

Cocaine is a substance present in drink items such as carbonated soft drinks or regular food. Taking the narcotic stimulates and empowers a person, giving you the notion that you can take on difficult challenges and get great results. The addictive confidence you get from cocaine is one of the reasons why this drug is hard to resist. Pure cocaine is from coca bush, however, illegally synthetic forms are now available on the Canadian streets. You can mix cocaine with other dangerous chemicals to increase the effect and addiction level. However, consequences may be fatal such as cocaine overdose resulting in death.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Overview

Different rehab facilities offer varied treatment programs, depending on the individual patient. Inpatient setting is necessary for cocaine addicts especially in dealing with intense withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine addiction treatment aims to avoid relapse at all cost due to the high fatality rate when patients relapse, causing overdose and death in the process.

What to Expect During Treatment

The first step to cocaine addiction treatment is an assessment of the patient in coordination with the family. The evaluation of the patient includes determining the root cause of the addiction problem, the length and level of addiction, and the patient’s response to treatment. Professional therapists or counselors come up with a cocaine addiction treatment plan that is unique per patient because therapy is on a case-to-case basis.

Detox is an important phase in a cocaine addiction treatment program and it comes right after the assessment. The patient cannot immediately proceed to the treatment program without cleansing his system of the narcotics. Professional supervision is necessary during the detoxification process, especially with intense cases. The withdrawal symptoms are not only uncomfortable but for some, they are excruciatingly painful. The detox phase takes place in a controlled and safe environment where the patient receives round the clock monitoring.

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Inpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Upon completing the assessment and detox phase, the patient proceeds to the inpatient treatment program. It is the main step towards recovery with several programs and holistic approaches. The treatment process and intensity depend from one patient to another.

Here are some of the activities during cocaine addiction treatment:


There are three types of counseling namely, individual, group, and family. Inpatient residents receive personal and social support that is necessary for recovery from cocaine addiction.

Relapse Prevention and Management

The management program aims to help individuals learn the fundamental skills and mindset to prevent relapse in the future. The situation in the outside world without any structures and professional monitoring is more challenging and open to temptation. Patients learn how to cope with the pressure and emerge successfully.

Artistic Therapy

Music, art, and self-photography help the individual build awareness and keep their attention away from the cravings and temptations of cocaine. Engaging in recreational activities develops a stronger mind and body.

Cocaine addiction treatment saves lives especially when professional help comes earlier rather than later. Consult with a rehabilitation specialist if you or a loved one is suffering from cocaine abuse to get help or professional intervention. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.



suffering from marijuana

Marijuana Addiction: Most Important Things to Know about Weed

Canadians are suffering from marijuana abuse just like the rest of the world as this problem becomes endemic now, more than ever. Although marijuana is a benign drug with worldwide movements aiming to legalize its consumption, addiction to this substance is a different story. Weed is the least to cause harm than any other addictive drugs available such as heroin and cocaine. However, there are cases of marijuana abuse that results in life-threatening situations for some individuals.

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Facts about Marijuana Addiction

Different individuals have different reactions to using marijuana thus the addiction level and extent is likewise varied. There is a pressing need to control the consumption of marijuana and restrict it to medication according to legal prescription. Weed is a relaxant or it may also increase paranoia and anxiety, depending on your dosage. A medical professional supervises the use of marijuana if it is for medical purposes and treatment.

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Signs of Marijuana Abuse

There are various tangible signs of addiction to weed that could lead to strained relationships and serious financial problems. Addressing the problem as early as possible is the best step to initially solve marijuana abuse and its consequences.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of marijuana addiction:

  • Marijuana addicts feel anxious, paranoid, and irritable especially when they miss a session to take the substance.
  • Marijuana addicts cannot seem to make clear-headed and rational decisions if they are not on weed.
  • Marijuana addicts fail to participate in most social engagements without taking the substance.
  • Marijuana addicts lack the motivation to study or work and would need to take some first before they become active again.

These are just a few of the many indications that you or a loved one may be suffering from marijuana abuse. Professional help or intervention may be necessary in order not to delay seeking aid. The longer you wait, the more serious the problem may become and the patient may just be too far gone when help finally arrives.

Effective Marijuana Addiction Treatment

The best treatment to deal with and solve your problem on marijuana abuse depends on one individual to another. Different people react differently to the effects of weed thus the treatment to address this problem may also vary one person to person. The first step to getting help is to find a rehab facility that specialises in marijuana addiction treatment. Choose an inpatient facility that offers 24/7 monitoring along with a comprehensive and regular therapy program. These facilities provide a consistent, compassionate, and pleasant environment for the full recovery of the patient.

Holistic healing and development are essential in marijuana addiction treatment. The right rehab facility operates with the help of licensed and trained professionals including counselors, therapists, and addiction experts. Your treatment depends on the result of your initial evaluation and your individual progress as well.

Approaches to Marijuana Therapy

These are some of the effective and proven programs for marijuana addiction treatment:

  • Individual/Family/Group Counseling. Inpatient residents share their marijuana abuse problems and concerns with the professionals in complete confidentiality. Group counseling is when patients meet with other people who are experiencing the same circumstances. Family counseling aims to help not just the patient but the people in his immediate circle.
  • Art and Music Therapy. Recreational and healing programs aim to entertain and boost the creativity of the patient while inside the rehab facility. It helps patients engage in worthwhile activities and keeping their minds off their addiction and craving.

Marijuana addiction treatment saves lives. Check out some of the most reliable Canadian rehab facilities to help you or your loved one who is struggling with weed abuse. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.

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